Day 3 | Closing | Recordings | Virtual Toronto Summer Institute | July 14, 2021

DAY 3 | PM | Presentations at the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute

On the afternoon of July 14, we featured three sessions – and then our Closing. The first presentation was on The Power of Self Advocacy – by Jonquanuas Bailey-Benjamin, Marilyn Freeman, and Sheila Jeffrey.
David Hasbury and Patti Scott introduced us to The Art of Doing JUSTUS; then Genia Stephen did a Three Dimensions for a Positive Life session. The Closing welcomed a few live comments, and John O’Brien led us through a reflective journaling exercise on the Gifts of Community as we prepared to return to the world beyond Zoom.

Here are the DAY THREE Closing recordings…

The Power of Self Advocacy: Jonquanuas Bailey-Benjamin, Marilyn Freeman & Sheila Jeffrey

Three brilliant Self Advocates from Georgia talk about why this is important to them – and to all of us with power and clarity. If you want to know about Self-Advocacy – this is the place to be. “Speak up and let people know!” (59 minutes)

The Art of Doing JUSTUS: David Hasbury & Patti Scott

David Hasbury and Patti Scott are inventing the JUSTUS Cafe – a prototype to invite and honour the gifts of many artists – from many art forms – who are seldom seen and heart. This video features interviews with a dancer, Samantha Zandanel, and a photographer/organizer, Wildstyle Paschall. The future of JUST US is being invented..stay tuned.. (41 minutes)

Three Dimensions of a R.A.R.E. Positive Life for People with Disabilities: Genia Stephen

Genia Stephen is the creator of the Good Thinks in Life website and Podcast. Genia helps parents with children with significant disabilities to build positive, inclusive lives – to find a path to the good things in life. Concerned that families are still being seduced into the medical model, Genia proposes a full life perspective brimming with hope. (57 minutes)

VTSI 2021 CLOSING | Reflections on the Gifts of Community

A Toronto Summer Institute tradition, as we bring TSI to a close, is to have John O’Brien lead us in guided reflections that help us to focus on our learnings and consider how they will be integrated into our lives as we return home. And, we open the space for our temporary alternative community to share a few of their gifts with the whole community. There is never enough time to share all the gifts – but the tradition is important to sustain. (43 minutes)

We hope you have enjoyed these recordings!