Day 2 | PM | Recordings | Virtual Toronto Summer Institute | July 13, 2021

DAY 2 | PM | Presentations at the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute

On the afternoon of July 13, we featured another marketplace of choices. Heather Simmons from Scotland led a session on The Gentle Art of Noticing, followed by Erwin Wieringa (The Netherlands), who challenged us to think – Culture and Art – Who Cares? – L. Danyetta Najoli and Fred Epum did a reprise of The Black American Tree Project: a compressed history of slavery. De-Amon Harges and team introduced us to the concept of Intangible Currencies. And there was more. Sarah Buffie led a session on A Conversation Beyond Trauma, and Gabby Melnick gave a crash course on graphics using an iPad. Beth Mount led us in a collective ‘maker’ exercise to close the day, Making Wisdom: What Your Hands Know. And in case you missed it, we had a live poetry session over lunch which is the last item on this list.

Below are the DAY TWO Afternoon recordings…

The Gentle Art of Noticing: Heather Simmons

Heather Simmons is a storyteller with a gift for ‘noticing’ ….. noticing the little human things that make us unique and remarkable. With a delightful Scottish brogue, Heather talks about listening and reads two of her own stories that eloquently reveal the gentle art of noticing. (43 minutes)

Erwin Wieringa: Culture & Art, Who Cares?

Erwin Wieringa challenges the precision of our words and understandings of culture as he explores the deeper meaning of Personal Culture and Inclusion. (43 minutes)

The Black American Tree Project: L. Danyetta Najoli & Freda Epum

L. Danyetta Najoli & Freda Epum decided that until we know and understand the story of slavery, we will not be able to move forward. And just reading a book or seeing a movie isn’t enough. So they created an interactive event where participants take on (and read) brief actual accounts from various perspectives in the evolution of slavery of over 400 years. It’s powerful learning. This video introduces the concept – and a mini experience – along with an invitation to participate in future events for the full experience. (36 minutes)

De’Amon Harges & Team: Intangible Currencies

De’Amon Harges, aka the Roving Listener, has a track record of remarkable innovations in local communities. The latest is the intangible currencies that are in every community IF we see and nurture them—currencies like Social Capital, Imagination, and Joy. De’Amon welcomes two guests to tell their stories about how they are implementing their currencies: Adam Beck on his social network connections that have resulted in the community purchasing (owning) a city block for their future; and Januarie York, who has the capacity, commitment, and talent to share her currency: Joy. (42 minutes)

Safe, Seen, Heard | A Conversation Beyond Trauma: Sarah Buffie

Sarah Buffie’s enthusiasm for her topic – trauma – is quite remarkable. Her clarity on this complex topic is amazing and since we ALL experience trauma – MOVING BEYOND TRAUMA is critical for all of us. A MUST watch. (33 minutes)

Graphics with Gabbitude: Gabby Melnick

Gabby Melnick is an amazing graphic recorder/artist who has made the transition to recording on an iPad. Her enthusiasm and skill is infectious. If you are remotely curious about the next stages of graphic recording – doodling – join Gabby and have fun. (45 minutes)

Making Wisdom | What Your Hands Know: Beth Mount

Beth Mount is a remarkable artist who creates stunningly beautiful quilts that always tell a story and move the soul. Beth has been creating approaches to support people in hundreds of ways – but always making something together. For VTSI, we wondered if it would be possible – even through Zoom – to make something together? Beth invented a way. Beth reminded us that there are many ways to ‘tell a story,’ so she introduced BJ Stasio, who tells his story in tattoos. Beth leads us to create individual sculptures (using the stuff on our desks) to metaphorically represent a story about where we are now and where we want to be – using ‘stuff.’ We all did it individually and together. You now can too. You may well be stunned at the wisdom that is already in your hands. Beth called it Making Wisdom: What your Hands Know. (26 minutes)

End of Day Two | PM

We hope you have enjoyed these recordings. More to come …

Over the Lunch Break | The Poetry Lunch Gathering

A tradition at TSI has been to welcome all creative expressions. No surprise, poetry has always been contributed. Thus, over lunch, hosted by David Hasbury and Patti Scott, we made a space for people to contribute their poetry – original, favorites, contributions. Listen in and enjoy.