Day 2 | AM | Recordings | Virtual Toronto Summer Institute | July 13, 2021

DAY 2 | AM | Presentations at the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute

Day 2 (AM), July 13, 2021, of the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute, featured four events. Leanne Pearman from Australia told remarkable stories of entrepreneurial employments creations. Carol Blessing & Trisan Fassel explored “blind spots” in support services. David Wetherow presented the network builder – Star Raft, and Johnny Douglas and James Lock – introduced UBI: Universal Basic Income – to build networks of change. And over lunch – we had a music garden – for your inclusive enjoyment! It was a full morning. 

Here are the DAY TWO Morning recordings ⬇️

The Lives We Lead | Employment Options in Australia: Leanne Pearman

Leanne Pearman presents a video project, “The Lives We Lead,” that features the talents and capacities of a number of Australians who use supports and typically live in remote locations. The videos (three are featured here) are produced with enormous care to reflect the capacity and contribution of each individual from their perspective. (43 minutes)

Let Us Take Care of Our Own | The Integrity Gap: Carol Blessing & Tristan Fassel

Carol Blessing & Tristan Fassel are co-presenters in a discussion of a “blind spot” in support services – when we fail to hear the voice of people with disabilities and limit our support efforts because that would demand real change, thus the integrity gap between what we say and what we do. Carol explores from the perspective of CCLD – Citizen Centered Leadership – and Tristan challenges us to become genuine allies: Truly supporting people and having the courage to explore (metaphorically) ‘space elevators’ rather than rocket ships. (71 minutes)

The Star Raft: David Wetherow

David Wetherow’s presentation introduces the Star Raft approach to expanding your ‘circle of support.’ This nautical concept is exhibited brilliantly – along with many stories. (78-minutes)

Building Networks for Change: Johnny Douglas & James Lock

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is one of those challenging futuristic possibilities that could alter the reality of almost everyone trapped in the poverty cycle. It is a big idea – and to proceed, it needs the support of citizens – public awareness. Douglas and James have been organizing that support for five years, and with the pandemic, awareness has surged. Johnny and James present the options. Enjoy their clarity and conviction. (80 minutes)

End of Day Two | AM

We hope you have enjoyed these recordings. More to come…

Over the Lunch Break | The Music Garden

For those of you who wish to enjoy a music interlude – we have created a playlist of tunes from a range of TSI participants – plus selections from an integrated musical company – musical interventions and selections from Fionnathan. Enjoy! Click the 1/32 icon in the top right corner to view the playlists.