Inclusive Education

Begin with the children and it’s never too late. There is an easy way to create a world where all belong, where every person’s gifts are honoured and nurtured as participating, contributing full community citizens.

Simply – put ALL the children together in genuine inclusive education. They will learn from each other, and be healthier citizens – and friends – for life – given this opportunity. Loneliness is the ultimate disability – and if we are included together from the beginning, that deadly disease never gets the same foothold.

Inclusive School Resources – Books; DVD’s

A listing of books and DVD’s that support inclusive education…

Each Belongs: An Educational Archive – Jim Hanson

A remarkable slice of brillliant video vignettes of Jim Hanson, Phil DiFrancesco, Gerv Leyden & Gary Bunch – talking about inclusion – since the late 1960’s in the Hamilton Wentworth Roman Catholic School system – the first Board in the world to welcome ALL students into regular classrooms.

Family Managed Supports (FMS) enables individuals and families to hire and direct their own staff in supporting a good life.

This remarkable resource/guide from Inclusion Alberta is in five sections:-

  • Why Choose FMS? features videos of families sharing their experiences with FMS followed by more information on FMS itself and additional videos with families on the benefits and costs of FMS.
  • Your Family Vision covers critical ideas to think about in crafting a vision and planning for an inclusive life based on a person’s gifts.
  • Community Pathways highlights 8 avenues in which individuals can be immersed in the pursuit of a meaningful life of relationships, participation and belonging.
  • Organizing Supports discusses the critically important role of staff while providing insights into the art of facilitating inclusion.
  • Managing FMS provides an overview of negotiating funding with government and the responsibilities that come with funding.

Planning for a Real Life After School

A teacher friendly approach to supporting the transition to welcoming ALL students in regular classrooms – as they face their futures in the community as contributing citizens.

Education Inclusion History Videos

A ‘slice’ of some of the early video records of the struggle from exclusion towards ‘integrated education’ and then inclusion.

Pioneers, Roots & Foundations of Inclusion – Videos

Struggles. Advocates. Advocacy. Our history – many lost and almost forgotten videos

Literacy: SCIL and Beat the Street – Archives and History

Videos about Student Centred Individualized Learning (SCIL) approach to literacy and the work of the Beat The Street campaign.

Staff Development Resources

Approaches and resources to develop and strengthen your team – in schools and beyond

Keystone Articles – hundreds of key articles and links.

A curated listing of helpful resource links that share our commitment to inclusion.

Dealing with Change (formerly Tools for Change)

In 2001, Inclusion Press created a CD-ROM titled Tools for Change. It was a 15 year compendium of resources we had used in many contexts. The CD-ROM is no longer available, but the contents are now here for your use – free. We hope they are useful.