Day 1 | Recordings | Virtual Toronto Summer Institute | July 12, 2021

On this page, you will find the recording’s of the four sessions on Day One of the VTSI.

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Welcome to the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute

Our opening ceremony! Gerima Harvey drums us in, Jack Pearpoint recites our land acknowledgment, Kirk Hinkleman leads us in meditation, followed by an opening day message and thoughts from John O’Brien. Lynda Kahn welcomes us all into the World Cafe. A full morning.

Fionnathan | The Happiness Project:

Fionne and Johnathan Angus

A remarkable father-son partnership in music, advocacy, and life. Fionnathan, also know as (Fionne & Johnathan) are global Ambassadors for Citizen Network. They travel the world sharing their gifts – and along the way, interviewing citizens about “What do you love about your life for?”.

Six hundred interviews and thousands of miles later, they have great stories – and they also add traditional Irish melodies – fiddle and guitar.

The Art of Facilitation:

Sheldon Schwitek & Shelley Nessman

Collaborating to provide training “In the Company of Others”. Sheldon and Shelley scan innovative work with a network of families (virtually) in British Columbia and survey the basic skills of good facilitation.

Connectedness, Companionship, and Community.

ColorFest: Carol Blessing & Beth Gallagher

Carol Blessing and Beth Gallagher invented Colorfest as a Creative Chat Space where they could talk and doodle. It had legs – and for many, it has become a safe place to let down your hair or put it up – but just ‘be’. This slice of a Colorfest event is just that – a slice – with an additional focus on its origins and purpose/meaning.

Note: The recording on July 12 at VSTI failed – so we taped a later session on Aug. 14. Since ColorFest is a very open-ended chat – just like this taping on Aug. 14.

Citizen Network: Simon Duffy and Colleagues

Citizen Network is a global connection with many components – with the focus of creating citizenship. Simon Duffy (Sheffield, England) introduces the concept and then welcomes key actors in the organizing team: Markus Vähälä (Finland), Michael Bierman (Los Angles), Carol Blessing (Cornell University). If you are interested in exploring and sharing on a global network – this is a great place to start.

End of Day One

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