Day 3 | AM | Recordings | Virtual Toronto Summer Institute | July 14, 2021

DAY 3 | AM | Presentations at the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute

On day 3, (AM) we were privileged to welcome John McKnight who has been with us from the beginning. John is a story letter, so he reminded us of the power and importance of our stories. And as a tribute to Judith Snow, John told us some Judith Snow stories. And we heard from Judith – by video.

Here is the DAY THREE Morning recording…

Honouring Judith Snow: John Mcknight

John McKnight, the co-founder of ABCD (Asset-Based Community Development) and part of the foundation of TSI since 1985, recalls the three phases of TSI; McGill, Mount Primrose, and Ryerson – an evolution in diversity. John also reflects on the power of stories – because stories tell us who we are – and our mission is to celebrate all those different stories. And as a tribute to Judith Snow (one of the founders of TSI), John reflected on her impact – and their friendship. Her teaching continues, so stop and listen to Judith – very much alive in video.. (43 minutes)

Over the Lunch Break | The Poetry Lunch Gathering

A tradition at TSI has been to welcome all creative expressions. No surprise, poetry has always been contributed. Thus, over lunch, hosted by David Hasbury and Patti Scott, we made a space for people to contribute their poetry – original, favorites, contributions. Listen in and enjoy.