Ideas that Matter was a child of the pandemic when we decided to prototype smaller online events in hopes that we could host a Virtual Toronto Summer Institute (VTSI). We started in 2020, and by 2021, we culminated in hosting a Virtual Summer Institute over three days.

Having recovered, many wonderful ideas are worth sharing, so we are reinitiating the Ideas that Matter series here in 2023. Co-sponsored by Inclusion Press and the Marsha Forest Centre, the Hub also links to the earlier Ideas that Matter sessions and the Virtual TSI 2021. Enjoy these exceptional contributions that only mature but never ‘date’ over time.

Ideas that Matter 20232024

Telling the Visual Story in a Digital World

Gabby Melnick – January 23. 2024

The Star Raft with Dave Wetherow – Dec. 5, 2023

A Powerful Presentation on Circles of Support using the Srar Raft Sailing Metaphor


The Complex Story of Shared Lives That Matter – The Tyrone Tower Story

Patti Scott tells Tyrone’s story – and we reflect on our learnings – May 17, 2023



Virtual Toronto Summer Institute 2021

LINKS to 3 days of remarkable presentations

Ideas that Matter 2020 -21

Links to the first Ideas that Matter sessions