The Star Raft Project

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  • Gather Your Circle — How to build a Star Raft circle, and the benefits, connections, and opportunities that show up as soon as the first person joins.
  • Set a Good Direction — Listening deeply, planning for a good life, and giving equal value to both what is ‘important-to’ and what is ‘important-for’ the person.
  • Take the Helm! — Eight creative action strategies for making real progress every time you meet and staying safe in everything you do
  • Stay the Course — The art of hosting vibrant circle meetings, strengthening commitments, keeping the circle going for the long run, and navigating in turbulent times.       
The session explores the two maps (the boundary with the service system and the shoreline of authentic community), and then says, “So we’ve built a way, using a sailing metaphor, of activating that second map while still retaining the possibility of a creative collaboration with the first one.” What follows is a brief illustrated overview of the Star Raft method and the strategies that live inside of it. 

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contact: Dave Wetherow or Community Works


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