Telling the VISUAL STORY in a DIGITAL WORLD with Gabby Melnick- June 2023

EXPLORE: Telling the Visual Story in a Digital World June 2023

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While Gabby Melnick has always been an artist, it wasn’t until the 2016 Toronto Summer Institute that she discovered her passion for graphic recording and facilitation – and she hasn’t put the pen down since. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the way people connect with each other and inspired Gabby to explore different tools and methods of providing graphics to support group conversations.  Today, her preferred medium is her iPad Pro using Procreate.  

If you are interested in exploring your own transition to using digital graphics, this is for you.  Anywhere on the learning spectrum is fine if you have the passion and access to a digital platform to begin your journey.  Gabby’s introduction will be general – the approach and possibilities of digital recording graphically.  If you have a digital itch that needs scratching – join Gabby. 


The video from the June 2023 recorded session below is approximately 2 hours – including the full Ideas that Matter session with Gabby Melnick: Telling the Visual Story in a Visual World. Enjoy!

There are 3 Links:
Introduction to Digital Graphics event June 2023 – and Gabby Melnick’s story of “How I got here.. “(to Digital Graphics) (22 minutes)
Demonstrating Digital Graphics using an iPad with Procreate June 2023 – with Gabby Melnick – (81 minutes)
• Gabby’s Digital Recording Resource List – June 2023 edition.