Building Inclusive Community Videos – with Tim Corey

Building Inclusive Communities by Timothy Corey and friends

The 12 videos that follow are inspired by the Guiding Values developed by the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration in 1988 and updated in 2016. It is our hope that each viewer will gain a better understanding of how these guiding values are practiced in Coast Salish communities and inspire all of us to live them out in our everyday lives. Colibri Facilitation; Children of the Setting Sun Productions; The Arc of Washington; The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Guiding Values

These remarkable videos have been made available by Tim Corey., We make them public with deep appreciation for his work and the Guiding Values they embody. Jack Pearpoint & Lynda Kahn – Inclusion Press

Caregiving: Laura Porter& Murial Cagey

DDA Guiding Value: Relationships

Inclusion: Clifford Green & Leanne Green

DDA Guiding Value: Inclusion

Health & Wellness: Laura Porter & Muriel Cagey

DDA Guiding Value: Health & Safety (Health & Wellness)

Contribution: Clifford Green & Leanne Green

DDA Guiding Value: Status and Contribution

Personal Sovereignty: Baby Carey

DDA Guiding Value: Power & Choice (Personal Sovereignty)

Baby Carey

DDA Guiding Value: Competence