EACH BELONGS video interviews

The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board began implementing a policy to welcome ALL students in 1969!! Fully Inclusive Education for All. Their mission statement: “EACH BELONGS”.

This remarkable book by Jim Hansen collects the history — including an extensive collection of documents and letters from teachers and families — that tell the stories of the struggles from the inside for over 30 years.

For anyone who ever has the thought, “It’s a great idea, but let’s be realistic,” this is an important book. Hamilton is a steel town. It is a collage of immigrant communities. It isn’t wealthy. They had no extra funds. They believed it was possible — and important and they just did it. Their secret is extra love and caring for all.

About the DVD

Each Belongs is a great book. But, you need to see and hear Jim Hansen and his team to fully appreciate the remarkable work they did to welcome all students. So we made a DVD. It is ‘interviews’ with Jim Hansen and his colleague Phil DiFrancesco on how they created an inclusive school system. They are frank, funny and profound. If you need to have your schools and families hear it from the horse’s mouth — you need this DVD. Two additional interviews put this work in context. Gary Bunch, a Professor of Education from York University in Toronto reviews the history of special education and puts Hamilton in that context. Gerv Leyden, is a professor at the University of Nottingham who has observed the Hamilton experience over the decades. He summarizes the British experience and puts the Hamilton experience in that context.

All the Video clips on the DVD are below – for your use….

Jim Hansen… Superintendent of Operations
Hamilton Wentworth Catholic Sch Bd

Jim Hansen: the Principal’s Consent 1.30

Jim Hansen: Our Philosophical Statement 1.30

Jim Hansen: Modern Day Lepers 0.40

Jim Hansen: On Intelligence Tests 3.50

Jim Hansen: More on Testing 3.50

Jim Hansen: Testing: A Block to Growth 3.35

Jim Hansen: Not Enough Resources!! 3.10

Jim Hansen: Flexible Education 3.10

Jim Hansen: Achievement 2.40

Jim Hansen: Why Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 3.0

Jim Hansen: Little Opposition 3.50

Jim Hansen: Fundamentals 2.20

Jim Hansen: Everyone is Welcome 1.00

Jim Hansen: Deal with It 0.30

Jim Hansen: Where’s Home? 1.30

Jim Hansen: Affirmation 0.30

Phil DiFrancesco
Hamilton Wentworth Catholic Sch Bd

Phil DiFrancesco: Why Can’t We Do More? 4.00

Phil DiFrancesco: Embracing Change 3.10

Phil DiFrancesco: The Most Influential Change Agent. 3.00

Phil DiFrancesco & Jim Hansen: The Budget – the Add On: 4.15

Phil DiFrancesco: Discrete EA’s (Educational Assistants) 1.00

Phil DiFrancesco: The Cost of Inclusion 3.00

Phil DiFrancesco: Extreme Behaviour 7.70

Phil DiFrancesco: Closing the Special Class 3.20

Phil DiFrancesco: Assigning EA’s – Education Assistants 3.50

Phil DiFrancesco: The Need to Fit In. 1.30

Phil DiFrancesco & Jim Hansen: How Do You Know It Works? 3.00

Phil DiFrancesco: Where There is a Will 3.00

Gary Bunch

A history of inclusive education in Canada…

Gary Bunch: the History of Inclusion in Canada 11.60

Gerv Leyden

Gerv Leyden – Thoughts about Inclusion based on visits to the Hamilton Wentworth Roman Catholic School Board, in Ontario Canada with comparisons to England.

Gerv Leyden – a UK Perspective on the HWSSB 19.00

Two early videos on Inclusion in the
Hamilton Wentworth Catholic Sch Bd

Each Belongs – a Celebration of 30 Years of Inclusion – HWRCSB

Each Belongs is a 1999 video produced by the Hamilton Wentworth RC Separate School Board (HWRCSBB) to highlight 30 YEARS of their commitment and delivery of inclusion for all children since the late 1960’s. HWRCSBB was (to the best of our knowledge) the first BOARD in the world that welcomed ALL children into regular classrooms. The leadership of Jim Hansen and Phil DiFrancesco was critical, and in collaboration with Marsha Forest, literally thousands of visitors from all over the globe came to see this impossible dream.Gerv Leyden – Thoughts about Inclusion based on visits to the Hamilton Wentworth Roman Catholic School Board, in Ontario Canada.


A video highlighting Inclusion of ALL students created by the Ontario Catholic Teachers Association – features interviews with teachers, students, Jim Hansen, Phil DiFrancesco and more. Early 1980s.. (eighteen minutes)