Playfair Teams

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PLAYFAIR TEAMS   A national project led by the MFC to introduce ‘playfair teams’ to schools from coast to coast. 

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Why Playfair Teams

PlayFair Teams: A Manual for Teacher Advisors is a step-by-step guide for teachers (and supporters) to create a PlayFair Team – an extracurricular activity with a blended team of students in their school. Over the year, the students will spend time together, then create and perform some form of ‘performance’ about what they have learned from each other. The ‘performance’ is for other classes, the school, other schools, and broader community events.  

PlayFair Teams is a leadership opportunity for schools and students to become engaged in their surrounding community on issues of social justice. PlayFair Teams are a positive response by schools to the unfortunate fact that people with disabilities are not yet fully accepted members of our society. PlayFair Teams are aimed at informing communities about the situation of people with disabilities. It is aimed at disability, social justice, and inclusion. If we wish for equitable treatment of people with disabilities, we must look to the leaders of tomorrow and support them in social justice for all.

Most people do not personally know a person with disability. They know of them. The way to change this is to become involved.

PlayFair Teams recognizes that advocates for social justice have a powerful tool to alter the regrettable situation of many people with disabilities: elementary and secondary schools full of energetic, eager students. These students are wonderful people, energetic, full of hope, and gifted with the pure desire to be good and to do good.