ABCD in Action

Parallel to the book Who Cares Enough to Act, we created a DVD entitled ABCD in ACTION. It was travelled around the world and been a powerful resource for this work. However, CD-ROM technology is ‘history’, so we have finally put all the content of the CD on line – so you can once again access to the brilliance of Mike Green, Henry Moore and John McKnight.

We have used each highlighted titles from the DVD as a Table of Contents – a way to continue to organize and share this remarkable video content.  There are 5 Chapter Titles. There are video links within each title.

  • ABCD Intro (1 video)
  • ABCD in Action (7 videos)
  • Chapter Insights (which has 6 sections with multiple videos in each section)
  • John McKnight on ABCD (1 video)
  • Credits (1 video)

ABCD INTRO (1 video)

Table of Contents

ABCD: People Create Community.. Green & Moore

The origins of ABCD are discussed in this ABCD Intro video. These include the five key building blocks:

  • Discover Assets in the Community;
  • Discover What People Care Enough to Act On;
  • Mobilize Groups to Act;
  • Discover the Different Roles for People and Programs;
  • Lead by Stepping Back.
    ABCD places control with people in the Community.

ABCD in ACTION (7 videos)

ABCD.Asheville.NC. Affordable Housing Opportunities. Henry Moore

ABCD.Marquette, MI.Mike Green.Mutual Ministry

ABCD:Henry Moore. Rich Crocker.Laconia NH

ABCD.Savannah.GA.Community Partnerships.Henry Moore

ABCD.Ames.Iowa.Beyond Welfare.Lois Schmidt

ABCD: Debra Selman.Savannah. 4 Things Worth Doing

ABCD.Mike Green.Inside.Outside.Vision


Introduction (4 Videos)

ABCD.Henry Moore.Community Assets

ABCD.Mike Green.Origin.ABCD Training Workshop

ABCD: Gifts of Community – Henry Moore

ABCD.Mike Green: Gifts Exercise


Discovering What People Care About (5 Videos)

ABCD.Mike Green.Looking for Care.Song of Community

ABCD.Henry Moore.Talk is Action.Learning Conversations

ABCD.Henry Moore.Care.Motivation to Act

ABCD.Mike Green.Start with the Question

ABCD.Henry Moore.Learning Conversation


Mobilizing Assets (6 Videos)

ABCD.Mike Green.Mobilizing Assets

ABCD.Henry Moore.Grants for Blocks

ABCD.Henry Moore.Identifying Self Interest

ABCD.Mike Green.Decline of Social Capital

ABCD.Henry Moore.Service + Support

ABCD.Mike Green.the Duck Call


People and Programs (3 Videos)

ABCD.Henry Moore.Tools to Get Things Done

ABCD.Mike Green.Decline of Social Capital

ABCD.Henry Moore.Service + Support


Leading by Stepping Back (6 Videos)

ABCD.Mike Green.Fortress Thinking

ABCD.Henry Moore.Lords or Servants

ABCD.Henry Moore.Champions of Change

ABCD.Henry Moore.Community Treasure Chest

ABCD.Mike Green.What a Community Cares About.Relationship conversations

ABCD.Henry Moore.City Manager


Inclusion (3 Videos)

ABCD.Mike Green.Keys to Inclusion

ABCD.Henry Moore.Gifts of Community

ABCD.Mike Green.From Client to Citizen


ABCD. John McKnight. Something More to life than Consuming

CREDITS (1 Video)

ABCD.Closing Credits

The book the accompanies ABCD in ACTION is ‘When People Care Enough to Act.’