Inclusion News

Our History

Inclusion News was an occasional newspaper/journal we published because it seemed like a good idea – and people seemed to love it.   Inclusion News began as a publication of the Centre for Integrated Education and Community (the original name of the Marsha Forest Centre).  We printed and mailed up to 70,000 copies of each issue to locations around the world.

This page provides a glimpse into our own history – by providing links to pdf copies of Inclusion News beginning in 1990 – through to 2004.  Please read, enjoy and share at will.  If you use any material, please credit Inclusion Press – and provide a link to this site.  Enjoy.  Please note:  Nothing has been updated – they are ‘archival’ copies from 1990 on…

Inclusion News 2004 - front-page

Inclusion News was published every year or so by Inclusion Press for the Marsha Forest Centre – Inclusion. Family. Community. This newsy, user-friendly newspaper’s purpose was to let readers and friends know what the international network of “inclusion & diversity people” were doing and thinking. It was an information and networking tool. Inclusion News had (and still has “raving fans” all over the world.

We do not “sell” Inclusion News. In fact, it has not been issued for some time. However, the articles, graphics, poems, and resources remain relevant. We want to give people maximum access to resource materials, so some of the earlier issues of Inclusion News are available as downloads.

Inclusion News (some issues) are now available for downloading in pdf format. The files are quite large. We recommend this only for those of you with high-speed internet connections. The following files are available:

We were once asked, “Who is your competition?” We thought briefly then answered, “We don’t have competitors. We are not trying to compete. We cooperate. We recommend many other sources (aside from ours) for great materials and resources.” There is an abundance of good material in print and on the world wide web. Inclusion News is a connector, a bridge-builder among kindred spirits all over the world. If you like it, let us know. Send us articles and ideas.

People enjoy the wealth of material and the spirit and values of the newspaper.

Here is the INDEX of the content for the 2004 issue …

Marsha Forest Centre – MFC Created
Inclusion on the Road – John O’Brien
Nudging the Network – Janice Fialka
My Second Scott Story – Micah Fialka
Path in Action, Felicia, Evaluation Game
Student Attitudes/Bunch, College – Tashie

Brendon McBride’s PATH
The Right Ducks – Mike Green
Hong Kong gets Person Centered
Jim Hansen Says- Education for All
Maresa MacKeith – Univ. Bound in UK
Jack Peeler – Common Sense
Regina DeMarasse – False Hope
Natural Community Supports – Hartshorne
Peter Leidy – Direct Support
Organizational Barriers: Leyden, Wilson
Book Review – O’Brien/Michaels
Portland Summer Institute, Portland, July 04
The Damage of Labels – Pat Worth
Why Not Lead – Reidy: Naz’s MAP
Ourselves and Be Inclusive – Judith Snow
Caregivers – No Special Gift – Fitzgerald
Persevere – Julie Stansfield
Winnipeg Winter Institute – Feb. 03
Thoughts on Wildness – R. DeMarasse
Maori/Tuhoe Paths & Festivals
Business Options in Dundee, Scotland
Advocates in Action + Mpambo
Inclusion Maine + Community Lost & Found
Inclusion Press Order Forms