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Lynda Kahn

Lynda Kahn is a co-director with Inclusion Press International, Toronto.  Lynda, together with her partner and husband, Jack Pearpoint, works with individuals, families, organizations and governments interested in positive change through facilitating conversations, planning sessions and offering training workshops. She is a member of the board of the Marsha Forest Center on Inclusion, Family and Community.

She served as the state of Rhode Island’s Executive Director of the Division of Developmental Disabilities from 1996 to 2005, working in the public sector for 24 years. Her work included assisting in the closure of the state’s institution, The Ladd Center in 1993, collaborating on an individualized funding and budgeting approach for persons served by Rhode Island’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, and serving as President of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS 2001-03), and on the Association’s Board for 8 years.

Her 40+ years experience has taken her from institution to community settings, involving values-based person-centered planning as a means to facilitate individual and organizational change. She is passionate about leadership, change and personal engagement to realize a more just world where everyone’s voice and gifts are welcome.

Lynda was a co-founder of Rhode Island’s Service Quality Network, and later was instrumental in creating the Rhode Island Facilitator’s Forum.  Since 2013, Lynda has been a steward for the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network.  In 2014-2018 Lynda served on the Ontario Developmental Services Housing Task Force, and as its Vice Chair.

Lynda also currently serves on the Broad of Directors for Neighbours, Inc., an innovative organization based in New Jersey which assists people in living full lives, directing their own supports.

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Lynda Kahn