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Creating the Future We Want… We Need Circles of Support

Times of crisis – of global disruption – are also times for new ideas to blossom and take root.  While acknowledging the devastation of the pandemic, it also lays bare some of the catastrophic and systemic disregard for citizens with disabilities and others who have been marginalized in our society. 

Within this painful visibility, there is an opportunity to notice and name these inequities and injustices in our society and culture.  They can be our call to action – the momentum that energizes us to contribute to building the futures we choose.  We can create a shift towards equity and dignity for all.  We must not return to the ‘old normal’ of ‘gated, separate realities’ for the rich, and deeper deprivation for the rest.  Our personal and collective intentions and actions will decide our future.  If we stay awake, we can create the futures we want, rather than just surviving with the futures we get.

It is all about relationships.  We believe we have to take care of one another.  It is a matter of survival.  We have known this for a long time – but now it is essential and non-negotiable.  We are indeed INTER-dependent.  Our capacity to deal with this two-fold crisis of a global pandemic and environmental global warming requires our collective action and support of each other.  

People Matter

Nature Matters

Nothing else Matters

~Ursula Franklin

This broad context of current reality can be overwhelming – thus our temptation is to retreat into burrows of self-protection.  This is a self-defeating stance.  It is OK to feel overwhelmed.  It’s OK to not be OK.  We are committed to thinking about alternatives so we can support one another not to remain in despair. An alternative is to renew and revitalize our memories, our connections and capacities to take care of each other.  We can begin with reflection, and then move into action – starting now – starting locally.  

We believe that the kinds of questions and processes we have been advocating, teaching and using for several decades are urgently relevant – and viable right now.  The Circles of Friends/Support is an extraordinary starting point – even when we have to rebuild and renew our circles by phone, or electronic messaging.  Thus, we are attaching links to some articles on Circles of Support that we hope you will find useful.  You can use them – starting today.  There is no better defense in this time than to build and renew your network – your Circle of Friends.  You will feel a tremendous energy boost as you reconnect with family and friends.  Don’t wait.  Start now.

Our link about Circles of Supports/Friends  

Think about …

“Who’s in your circle now?”

“Who are you reaching out to?”
“How are my people doing?”

We are also finding these reflective questions useful now – and will keep leaning into these going forward.

Who am I grateful for?
Who am I asking for forgiveness? To whom am I extending forgiveness?
Which relationships need outreach and reconciliation?
Who do I want to let know “I’m thinking about you”  and “I care about you” ?
Who are my anchor people – people that know my true self? 

Who can help anchor me when I feel a bit lost?

Who might need groceries or a way to get them delivered?
Which neighbourhood businesses could I support by using pickup or delivery?

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