Circles of Friends

Circle of Support

Circles of Friends or Circles of Support have been in every society since the dawn of time.

It is about how we take care of each other in families and communities. It is the ‘structure’ of our relationships. In Western societies, as wealth and mobility have increased, we are increasingly isolated from one another. We need to remember old wisdom, and learn new habits about how to take care of one another.

Circles of Friends is about this kind of life long dynamic. Circles of Friends is not a program. It is a way of living. It has an underlying philosophy of interdependence.

Most of us are not good at admitting this truth, so we need a hand. Noticing who is in your life from time to time, and then being more intentional about trying to connect and reconnect with the people we need to be with to have healthy lives.

These books and videos explore the incredible simplicity and paradoxically the enormous complexity of building and sustaining a circle of support so we can all live full lives.

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Circles of Friends – a selection of videos…

A collection of 18 videos about Circles, MAPS and PATH. Some are current; some are historical. Enjoy. Note: the icon in the top left corner of the above video screen includes a listing of these videos.