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There will be several Virtual TSI events over the year – leading up to TSI 2021 (July 10-15) when we hope we can gather together – and hug. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter so you will be first informed (and can register) as new events are announced. offerings – some of which will depend on your creativity and ingenuity – making your contributions to our Virtual Learning Marketplace. 

We begin every session with a meditative process. This was done by Kirk Hinkelman

Virtual Toronto Summer Institute Events

Previous Learning Marketplace Sessions

Holding True to the Mission
in the Midst of a Pandemic
Hope Leet Dittmeier & Whitney Hays
Followup Session: Thursday, January 7, 2021        
2:00-4:00 pm EST

Video of the Jan.7 Workshop

The Gentle Art of Noticing
Heather Simmons

Followup Session: Tuesday, December 15 2020     1:00-3:00 pm EST

Here is the Video of the Dec. 15 Noticing Workshop with Heather Simmons

Black American Tree Project
Danyetta Najoli & Freda Epum

Followup Session: Tuesday, December 8, 2020       FULLY Booked 
12 noon – 2:30 pm EST
Limit – 30 registrations

Here is the Video of the Dec. 8 Black American Tree Workshop

Additional ‘Reflections’ on the experience by some participants

Creating Practices while
Discovering our Neighbourhoods
Patti Scott & Kim Brown

Followup Session: Wednesday, December 2, 2020    DONE    
1:00-3:00 pm EST

Here is the Video of the Dec. 2 Workshop

Neighbours Inc Followup Workshop on Dec. 2 with Patti Scott and Kim Thurston-Brown, De’Amon Harges, Jeremy Donaldson, Clive Housely, Chrissy Martin, Sandi Cooper, and David Hasbury


Appreciations and Feedback to your Virtual TSI Hosts



Emergent Inclusion SONGBOOK…

The Back Story of the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute

As a result of the Pandemic, with fear and trepidation, we decided it was essential to maintain the spirit and the ethos of the Summer Institutes – and since we cannot meet personally (yet), we decided to do what many of us have done – leap into the unknown of Virtual gatherings.

We further decided that we could not/should not attempt a multi day event, but rather, select some of the ‘elements’ of the Institutes and in a series of events offer opportunities for us to renew and sustain our learning together. One of the core traditions is the concept of ‘open space’ – the Learning Marketplace – where we make offerings and choices within our community. We don’t think we can duplicate that flexibility, but we can assure you, this will not be preprogrammed on a grid. We will be making some offerings, and we will be looking for your suggestions and inputs. In short, we will be inventing this future together.

On Sept. 17, 2020, we began our journey by honouring several of our ‘rituals’ that are now Summer Institute traditions… Gerima Harvey drummed our welcome with a heartbeat rhythm. We acknowledged the original peoples whose lands have been stolen resulting in our privileged positions. We greeted each other by sharing our intentions – thus becoming more fully present. And we listened to John McKnight tell us stories about three libraries of wisdom that we can draw on: Marsha Forest, Judith Snow, and Pat Worth. We made space to let this wisdom find a deep home in our souls by talking to each other in small group conversations, and then we shared some of those emergent learnings in a Harvest of our reflections.

We were privileged to listen to the dulcet tones of Heather Simmons – while scanning TSI images photographed and composed by David Hasbury. Then we drummed each other out led by Gerima Harvey, our percussionist. None of this would have been possible without remarkable collaborators: John McKnight; John O’Brien, Beth Mount, Patti Scott, David Hasbury, Bill Rollo, Gerima Harvey, and Sylma Fletcher – and of course Lynda Kahn, Cathy Hollands, and Jack Pearpoint. Deep gratitude to all the collaborators up front and behind – and to all those who came for a TSI Visit and Reunion.

We will not go back to normal. 
Normal never was. 
We normalized Greed, Inequity, 
Exhaustion, Depletion,
Extraction, Disconnection, 
Confusion, Rage, Hoarding,
Hate and Lack.
We should not long to return, 
my friends.
We are being given the opportunity to stitch
a new garment, 
One that fits all of humanity & nature.

A poem from Sonia Renee Taylor.

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Previous Summer Institute Videos:

• View the TSI 2018 Reprise – Building a Bigger We (created by Neighbours International – David Hasbury & Patti Scott)

TSI 2017 – also created by Neighbours International

TSI 2019 – a montage by Jennifer Brown

Virtual TSI 2020 – a virtual global gathering, exploring topics we are passionate about.

Wonderful Doodles from you.. at the Virtual TSI

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An Elegant Overview from TSI 2018 (courtesy of David Hasbury & Patti Scott – plus everyone there.)

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TSI 2019 Video Memories courtesy of Jennifer Brown… (6.48)