The VTSI Musical Inclusion Collection

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Peter Leidy – Walking Through a Person Centered Plan

Peter Leidy – It’s a Cog World..

Peter Leidy: Seven Ways to Cause a Crisis

Gerima Harvey – our Djembe Drummer – the heart beat of TSI – some selections

Musical Intervention

Shed a Little Light – Blair Groves

Wonderful World – Thony Jean-Baptiste

Bread & Roses – Heather Simmons

TSI – The Right Place – Peter Leidy

The Clive and Jackie Collection:

This is a collection of remarkable and mostly original songs composed and performed by Clive Dearden who passed in May 2020. His life long partner Jackie, has added beautiful imagery to each song.  Jackie has been part of the global inclusion movement for decades with Clive supporting and then joining her efforts with his graphic skills. In the inclusion way, they came to us through our dear friend and mentor, Gerv Leyden in Nottingham. These remarkable tributes to life and love are an antidote to the loneliness and despair of Covid.  Enjoy.

Your Smile Clive & Jackie Dearden

Son & Moon Clive & Jackie Dearden

The Songlines Song Clive & Jackie Dearden

Sometimes Clive & Jackie Dearden

Sometimes Clive & Jackie Dearden

Snapshots Clive & Jackie Dearden

Dream a Little Dream Clive & Jackie Dearden