Thinking about Employment?

This is a curated collection of resources, videos, and articles that might be helpful as you think about employment options for people who have been systemically excluded. There is hope. Start early. Start now!

Some Employment articles…

WA’s Individualised Services Inc. – Western Australia

spectacular array of resources – stunning videos – worth your time!

MORE Employment Articles, Books, and Resources

Other Employment Resources

Building your Own Visual Resume

The Institute on Human Development and Disability (IHDD) at the University of Georgia is producing a series of webinars on creating resumes, Self employment options and more.. Each is an excellent collection of videos and resources about viable creative options to reinvent the future – so it works for us.

Supported Employment Resource Hub – CASE

The Resource Hub provides access to a rich source of information on supported employment and inclusive workforces. It provides resources published by CASE (Canadian Association for Supported Employment) , its members, and other Canadian and international organizations.

Self Employment Options from Rhode Island

Some of our cornerstone work began in Rhode Island. In collaboration with IHDD, this webinar tells remarkable stories of inventing self-employment options – including a deep collection of video and web stories about how it has already been done.

Click the link to watch and view a bevy of resources for employment seekers in the Ocean State.

Mark Gold & Associates – Michael Callahan –
Customized Employment

An extraordinary resource – ‘inventing’ jobs for people by focusing on their gifts – and mobilizing a network. From their website:

Customized Employment (CE) is a universal employment strategy that is especially useful for employment seekers with significant life complexities and barriers to employment, such as a severe disability. CE strategies result in competitive, integrated employment that is based on a determination of the strengths, needs, and interests of the employment seeker.

They are STARTING BUSINESSES in Australia too – Real Jobs

the Lives We Lead Worklife
Starting Businesses in Australia

The Unlikely Employment Evolution of Darwin Ness

The Ideas that Matter sessions included two presentations (March 11 and March 30) from the Options team in Madison Wisconsin – telling the remarkable story of Darwin Ness – who was employed till he was 89 – and then retired by the Pandemic.

And for your entertainment – watch CRIP CAMP – the true story of our Disability Revolution

Watch Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution on Netflix
CRIP CAMP is a snapshot of the origins of the disability movement.   Right now there is opportunity to take another step forward. Because of the pandemic, the injustice of being ‘at the end of the line’ yet again has all the markings of a eugenics revival.  People with disabilities (like folks in Long Term Care facilities) have been made more visible – both in their poverty – and their neglect.  So it’s time for all of us to step up and demand ‘reasonable accommodation’ – i.e. not being discarded and ignored – getting the vaccine now, and turning the opportunity of short term funding into financial stability beyond poverty.  

Honouring Lou Brown

Lou Brown was decades ahead of the curve... He often asked, “What More is Possible?” when others could only see deficiencies.