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TELL the VALUED STORY Report.June.2021 – Where to Begin…

WHO tells YOUR story is critical. This workshop report
explores options about how to tell YOUR Valued Story.

Transportation Project

Transportation Film: Three Guys Who Need a Ride

It’s difficult to find employment without transportation. IHDD and GCDD, together with Pineland CSB, have created a short film about these issues, focusing on three men in Statesboro who need both work and transportation. As part of IHDD’s Advancing Employment initiative, the short film, as well as visual resumes, were created for each gentleman. IHDD will continue to support Pineland CSB in expanding access to competitive integrated employment.

Bo Davis Visual Resume: A Film Compliment 

Ricky Holland Visual Resume: A Film Compliment 

Shane Stone Visual Resume: A Film Compliment 

Jenna’s visual resume: 

Jenna’s Visual Resume

The Valued Story Webinar – Creating Visual Resumes

Graphic by Gabby Melnick

Recording of the Visual Resume webinar –
presentations by Gillian Grable, Amy Price and Carl King

Advancing Employment Webinars – University of Georgia