Implementing Person-Centered Planning



Implementing Person-Centered Planning is a collection of learning and thinking by leading practitioners who are on the ground facing the complex challenges of systems change that make a difference for people.  A resource with deep roots and wisdom.

A brilliant sequel to A Little Book About Person-Centered Planning

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This is the second book in this series – following on with further learning and reflections by practitioners and developers who are working to implement these ideas with people and organizations in communities

Includes articles by the following people:
· Pete Ritchie, A Turn for the Better
· Connie Lyle O’Brien & John O’Brien, The Origins of Person-Centered Planning
· Michael Smull, A Plan Is Not an Outcome
· David & Faye Wetherow, Community-Building & Commitment-Building
· Beth Mount, John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien, Increasing the Chances for Deep Change
· Steve Holburn, The Value of Measuring Person-Centered Planning
· David Pitonyak, Opening the Door
· Mary Romer, Two Is Not Enough
· Steve Holburn, The Weird Guy
· John O’Brien, Great Questions and The Art of Portraiture
· Beth Mount, The Art and Soul of Person-Centered Planning
· Jo Krippenstapel, The Rhode Island Facilitators Forum
· Mary Jo Almina Caruso & Kathy Lee, Some Words Along the Way
· Michael Smull, Helping Staff Support Choice
· Mayer Shevin, Communication Ally
· Karen Green McGowan, Getting Beyond Sick
· Susannah Joyce, Mutual Learning:Involving People Who Use Mental Health Services
· Sally Shemsdorf, Sequoia: Planning with Senior Parents
· Connie Lyle O’Brien & Beth Mount, Pathfinders: Transition to Adult Life
· Connie Lyle O’Brien & John O’Brien, Large Group Process for Person-Centered Planning
· Debra McLean, A Simple Half-Hitch
· Anne O’Bryan, Vocational Profiles
· Jack Pealer & Sandra Landis, Some Beginnings
· Michael Smull, Thinking About Support Broker Roles
· Helen Sanderson, Person-Centered Teams
· Pat Fratangelo & Jeff Strully, The Challenges of Person-Centered Work to Agency Leaders
· Martin Routledge, Helen Sanderson & Rob Greig, Planning with People: A National Strategy



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