Conversations on Citizenship & Person-Centered Work



Conversations on Citizenship & Person-Centered Work

John O’Brien and Carol Blessing, Editors, gathered and interviewed key practitioners of various approaches to person-centered work: Personal Futures Planning, MAPS, PATH, Person-Centered Thinking Tools and Essential Lifestyle Planning, and Cultivating True Livelihood.

Meet and explore with some of the founders and developers of these approaches to person ceneterd ways of working, as well as developers of approaches to organization and community development.

This is Volume III in the Person Centered Planning series.

This book is also available as part of the three-volume
>Person-Centered Planning Pack


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Conversations on Citizenship & Person-Centered Work 

…approaches to person-centered work:

Personal Futures Planning · MAPS · PATH · Person-Centered Thinking Tools Essential Lifestyle Planning · Cultivating True Livelihood · Framework for Support

…approaches to organizational & community development:
Appreciative Inquiry · Asset Based Community Development: ABCD

in conversation with Carol Blessing about citizenship, community, disability, employment & social change.

What does it take to make connections between people with disabilities and community associations?
What drew you to your work?
What keeps people with disabilities from full citizenship?
What are the principles of effective supported employment?
What do we have to give up in order to move to person-centered work?
How do you judge the effectiveness of person-centered work?
How does ABCD compliment person-centered practices?
What are the risks of person-centered planning?
Are there times when person-centered planning does not work?
How do person-centered thinking skills contribute to change in organizations and systems?
How do you respond to people who say that implementing person-centered work is too costly?
What is citizenship?
What is leadership?
What inspires you?
What is community?
What does it take to sustain us in this work?
Why is courage important in person-centered work?
What are the core principles of Appreciative Inquiry?
What strategies implement Appreciative Leadership

Edited by John O’Brien & Carol Blessing

Also available in eBook format:
Conversations on Citizenship & Person-Centered Work eBook

This book is also available as part of the
>Person-Centered Planning Pack


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