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A compilation of testimonials on behalf of Becky Till, who was engaged in a brutal struggle to ‘be allowed’ to go to a typical school like other thirteen year olds.  These testimonials were part of a relentless and finally successful battle to be a regular student in a regular school.


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This booklet is a compilation of quotes from international educators, parents, students, and supporters who had an opportunity recently to meet and be inspired by Becky Till. Becky is a typical thirteen year old, full of joy and anxious to learn, but because she has a disability the school system where she lives won’t let her attend her neighbourhood school. This booklet is a testimony to all the children who remain excluded and a tribute to all those schools and teachers who are welcoming children into their classrooms. Integrated education is recognized across North America for its benefits to all children. For as long as there have been schools, parents and teachers have pursued excellence in education. Over the years much has been learned as to what constitutes quality education, and society has rightly expected that schools will strive to implement needed changes in the interest of our children and our futures. Integrated education, where teachers are given the support to include a child with a disability in regular classrooms, is one of those needed changes that contributes to improved excellence in schools.


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