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  • This book was translated into Korean and is being distributed at cost in Korea.  Contact:  윤 재 영 (Jaeyoung Yoon, 尹 在 榮) Ph.D. Associate Prof. of Social Welfare at Sahmyook Univ.Hwarang-ro 815, Nowon-gu, Seoul Korea 01795 Mobile 82-10-6522-0812 F. 82-2-3399-1672

Welcome to the new enhanced Second Edition of Volume 1 “A Little Book about Person Centered Planning”.  
In addition to the original Introduction and Chapters in the first edition, John O’Brien has written a new Preface and two new chapters have been added:  “What more is possible?” by  Beth Mount and John O’Brien; and “Clearing Our View” by John O’Brien.  First printed in 1998, the articles are still fresh and relevant.  It was good then, and better now.
There are three books in the series. 
Volume 1 : “Little Book about Person Centered Planning” 2nd edition – is still Volume 1
Volume 2:  
Implementing Person-Centered Planning:  Voices of Experience
Volume 3:  
Conversations on Citizenship and Person Centered Work



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A Little Book About Person Centered Planning:   – SECOND EDITION – with two new chapters
Ways to think about person-centered planning, its limitations, the conditions for its success

Edited by John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien

· Introduction · John O’Brien     – NEW   –            also available in  eBook format
· The Power In Vulnerability · Judith Snow
· Learning to Listen · John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien
· Person-centered Planning Has Arrived or Has It? · Connie Lyle O’Brien,
John O’Brien, & Beth Mount
· Think Before You Plan · Michael Smull
· The Politics of Person-centered Planning · John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien
· Revisiting Choice · Michael Smull
· Positive Rituals and Quality of Life · Michael Smull
· More Than a Meeting · Beth Mount
· The Quest for Community Membership · John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien
· After the Plan · Michael Smull
· Participation Through Support Circles · Judith Snow
· A Circle Check-Up · John O’Brien & Jeff Strully
· The Ethics of maps and path · Marsha Forest & Jack Pearpoint
· Telling New Stories · John O’Brien & Beth Mount
· Finding A Way Toward Everyday Lives · John O’Brien & Herb Lovett
· A Guide to Personal Futures Planning · John O’Brien
What More is Possible – John O’Brien   (new)
* Clearing Our View – John O’Brien   (new)· Resource Guide