U-CAN Dictionary Collection  – key literacy resources:

U-CAN People’s Dictionary – for youth
U-CAN TEXT Dictionary – for teens
U-CAN VR Dictionary – for adults
U-CAN Colour Dictionary – for organizations – and everyone
U-CAN Reading Readiness booklet – for youth

Useful Links…

  • ASCD – Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. Excellent learning research and resources.
  • AACAP: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Learning and Work UK  – resource collection from United Kingdom
  • Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre— resource listing from the University of Alberta – extraordinary support for inclusive education.
  • FRONTIER COLLEGE – Literacy Resources
    Frontier College is a Canada-wide, volunteer-based, literacy organization. We believe in literacy as a right and we work to achieve literacy for all.
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
  • New Resources for Teachers — a NEW resource listing for teachers – facilitates the exchange of learning resource materials.
  • REACH of Louisville – Resources in Education, Adaptation, Change and Health
  • School is for Everyone – a wonderful web page from a school in Brandon, CA – where the kids tell you what is important – their way.
  • ERIC Clearing House – research resource – US Dept. of Education

Hamilton-WRC School Board on Inclusion….

The story of the Hamilton Wentworth Roman Catholic School Board (HWRCSB) is foundational to the story of inclusion (then called Integrated Education) in the school system. HWRCSB was the first school Board in the world to welcome ALL Students into regular classrooms begin in the late 1960’s.

Since this incredible was virtually unacknowledged in Ontario, Inclusion Press created a book (Each Belongs) and video interviews with Jim Hansen, Phil DiFrancesco, Gary Bunch and Gerv Leyden – to begin telling that story. What follows are a series of 33 short and remarkable interview clips about inclusive education. NB: there is a small icon in the TOP LEFT corner of the video interview screen. If you click on it – you will see a list of the clips so you can choose…)

EACH BELONGS: Jim Hansen Video Collection

Here are 33 remarkable short interview clips about Inclusive Education with Jim Hansen, Phil DiFrancesco plus

Gary Bunch Education videos. (9)..

Gary Bunch – Emeritus Professor at York Univ & Chair Emeritus of the Marsha Forest Centre – presents a series of short presentations created for the Russian Universities to initiate their disability education programs.
  • Gary Bunch – Student Attitudes Article  Dr. Gary Bunch has completed ground breaking research that confirms what we have known all along. Inclusion changes attitudes and actions in students.
    Jim Hansen, a retired Superintendent has agreed to author a series of articles based on his understanding and learning from Inclusion.
    The Crucial Terms Project was designed to clarify crucial terms used to describe education for learners with disabilities under the Special Education Model and under the Inclusive Education Model.

Marsha Forest Education videos….

Marsha Forest was a leading advocate for families and inclusion. 11 videos below reveal some of her efforts including the beginnings of the Circle of Friends, MAPS and PATH. NOTE: Icon in the top left corner of this screen gives you a menu of all the videos.