Inclusion Means WITH, Not Just In


In schools and communities, in the struggles to actually have ‘inclusion’, there are dangerous slipping points on the journey. Metaphorically, as people are freed from ‘institutions’ of many forms, many of us relax thinking that the ‘task is done’. It is not. Then we discover that there are additional barriers to actually get ‘over the threshold’ in schools, places of worship, workplaces’ etc. So we work to get people ‘IN-cluded’, and then we relax again. Now they are included – NOT. The most difficult task remains – because it challenges deep seated and hidden prejudices and attitudes. People are only included when they are ‘WITH one another’. So the journey to full inclusion for all is a never ending journey as we learn to discover and honour each others gifts – as c0-equals with deep respect for all our Gifts and capacities.

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