• Amazon Books – just about the biggest bookstore anywhere…
  • Cardinal Designs… Douglas Cardinal is an amazing Canadian Architect – Museum of Civilization and much more. He understands the ‘big picture’… and a book about Douglas Cardinal  and, for the home page of a village designed by Cardinal – visit Ouje-Bougoumou, Que.
  • Comforty Media Concepts – outstanding video collection and production.
  • Community Vision – Portland, OR – Community Vision created Seven Corners as a home to 7 organizations who all provide disability services.  Featuring universal design, it contains examples of accessibility, such as elevator kickplates and an innovative kitchen and an assistive technology lab.
  • The Design Shop – M. J. Taylor pages – this is NOT about clothes – but concepts. Visit and be challenged to be creative.
  • Edward De Bono – The Creativity Challenge… brilliant lateral thinking – the six thinking hats and much much more…
  • Enterprise Facilitation:   A great book and site with entrepreneurial pezzazz… Ripples from the Zambezi by Ernesto Sirolli
  • the Enchanted Mind – creativity links…. Jill Bolte Taylor and more
  • Grove Consultants International – a great catalogue of “process tools”.
    – Graphic Facilitation plus
  • Gareth Morgan – Imaginization: Excellent thinking, good books to help us push the envelope..
  • Margaret J. Wheatley – thoughtful creative exploration of future possibilities
  • Open Space Technology – Harrison Owen’s Books – on organizational transformation
  • Presencing Institute – U Theory – Otto Scharmer –  innovation labs, deliver capacity building programs and conduct action research worldwide in order to support and scale profound societal innovation.
  • Utne Reader – a great magazine… good articles