Dealing with Change (formerly Tools for Change)

This collection includes links to the majority of the contents of the original TOOLS for CHANGE CD-ROM which is no longer available in that format – but is available here.

In 2002, Inclusion Press produced a CD-ROM entitled Tools for Change.  It included 70 approaches & strategies to assist your family, community or organization to deal with change as we strive to create inclusive and diverse communities.

While CD-ROM’s are outmoded, most of the ‘approaches’ outlined on that disk remain  valid.  They have passed the tests of time and are now embedded on our web site..

This CD was  a summary of 15 years of learning,  creating and collaborating  between John O’Brien, Marsha Forest and Jack Pearpoint.  This collection of Person Centred Strategies includes approaches developed by the trio to assist you to deal with change in your family or organization.

Inclusion Press produces user friendly books, videos and training to help create a world where
‘everyone belongs’.

The original CD-ROM (Image above) is no longer available.  We have transfered the majority of the content to our web page where almost all of the contents can be downloaded.  We are also shifting from the term ‘Tools’ because it is a ‘mechanical’ metaophor for human issues.  We are not cogs – we are people and our strategies are about relationships and conversations – not tools.

It’s about Inclusion, Diversity & Community

The vast majority of the content from the original CD-ROM is available at — plus much much more

  • overheads ready to print
  • hundreds of articles ready to print
  • 200 video clips
  • slide shows

So although you won’t find the original format — you will find the content — and more

Dealing with Change

• Creativity • Planning • Graphics • Listening • Effective Meetings •

Introductory Notes – Jack & Marsha. the Centre. the Press (2001 edition)

Circle of Friends – Video History


Team Building Overheads

Tools for Change Introduction – 2001 – John, Jack, Marsha download

Understanding MAPS and PATH – an intro – 2001 download

Tools for Change for Trainers – notes from 2001 download

Making Meetings Matter – Jack & Marsha download

Inclusion – Exclusion – Jack & Marsha download

Thinking About Not Enough Money John O’Brien download

Wrapping Up Overheads