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The Future of Education – Canadian UNESCO Chairs

UNESCO’s Futures of Education is a global initiative to reimagine and rethink education by 2050. Through an open consultation process involving youth, educators, civil society, governments, businesses, and other stakeholders, it will gather ideas that will shape our future. A publication on how knowledge, education and learning will look like by 2050 will be presented during the next UNESCO General Conference in November 2021. 

Knowledge democracy: Opening our doors to all knowledge systems 
This article by our colleagues: Dr. Budd Hall & Dr. Rajesh Tandon

Sustainability as a purpose on the new path of learning for the future 

Toward a vision for arts education 

Strengthening our connection to nature to build citizens of the Earth 

Reinventing the world through landscape reading 

Open educational resources and global online learning

DOWNLOAD: The Future of Education – Canadian UNESCO Commission

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