Toronto Summer Institute

Toronto Summer Institute
the Final TSI
July 11–16, 2020

TSI 2020 @ at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto

Photo of TSI pop up band/choir
TSI – the spirit

Saturday July 11 – Thursday July 16 – 2020

The final Toronto Summer Institute – coming to you with a full cast of hosts:   McKnight, Lyle O’Brien, O’Brien, Mount, Kohler, Simmons, Hasbury, Scott, Wieringa, Kahn, Harges, Pearpoint and more… Now we need you. 

Accommodations at Ryerson – ILLC (International Living & Learning Centre) where much of the institute is being held – accommodation information will be available after Nov. 30. We will notify you when room registration goes online. Space will be limited.  Watch for updates…

This last gathering will follow the rhythm and spirit of those that have gone before. It will be an opportunity to gather, to explore what it means to Build a Bigger We Together, to make new connections, to stretch and to renew each other. 

We retire numbers & skates’ in hockey, but not the game. In that spirit, we are retiring the TSI ‘jersey’. Inclusion Press continues on.
We remain committed to advancing: •Inclusion•Community •Diversity•

Our support for people on their inclusion journeys remains unaltered. We will host conversations to discover new ways people can grow their spirits with local and regional initiatives, emerging from powerful allies who have journeyed with us over the decades. 


Click here to read our FAQ for more information. For additional questions, please e-mail

TSI 2020 Pricing

  • Early Bird Registration – February 1st – May 31, 2020
    1. Individual –    $850.00
    2. Team 3 or more –  $725.00 per person
    3. Alumni – $725.00 
  • Registration from June 1st – July 10th
    1. Individual –    $925.00
    2. Team 3 or more –  $800.00 per person
    3. Alumni – $725.00

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TSI Videos:  snapshots of the spirit…
a hint of what’s to come…

An Elegant Overview from TSI 2018 (courtesy of David Hasbury & Patti Scott – plus everyone there.)

A video scan of spirit of TSI 2017 featuring Gerima Harvey on the Djembe during the opening and much more.

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