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Budhagaali is the Oracle of Nabamba the Water Spirit. Budhagaali the Oracle is God’s chosen on Earth whom Nabamba the Water Spirit selects from time to time to reign for life, with the guidance of the Spirit. Budhagaali the Oracle is Nabamba the Water Spirit’s Great Teacher on Earth, to tutor God’s children in the Deep Secrets of Life and Nature; in the knowledge, philosophy and love of God, in the philosophy and skills of harmonious living-in-community; in adorant love for Mother Earth; in love for one another – all in accordance with God’s word, guidance of Nabamba the Water Spirit; and in alignment with the Laws of Nature and God’s commandments.

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Nabamba is one of the Seven Creative Spirits (Emyoyo Emitonzi) who, together with the other six Creative Spirits, constitute Kyetonda Ttonda Namugereka, the Afrikan God of Peace.  Together in complementary unity, they created and ordered the Earth and Universe, as well as created and ordered all things; big and small, visible and invisible.

Nabamba is the Water Spirit who, at creation, separated the water and land; as well as separated the Earth and the Sky. Nabamba derives His name from his role at creation. He lifted and fixed the sky, and caused Earth and Sky to stabilize, to steady and balance, each in their respective place.

Nabamba is the Dean of Spirits, with the Sacred Grounds at Budhagaali as His most favoured place and space. Budhagaali the place is auspiciously located on the banks of the River Nile, Afrika’s spiritually senior river; a couple of miles from the point at which the Nile empties out of Nalubaale, the Lake of Goddesses (Lake Victoria), Afrika’s spiritually senior lake.  Afrika is as well the world’s senior continent, the oldest continent; with the longest and most complete history and memory of human habitation on Mother Earth.