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Marsha Forest crafted new literacy books with Frontier College as part of the effort to ‘put literacy on the map.  The Right to Read, Organizer’s Guide  and Tutor’s Handbook were two books that were key to that effort.  Later Marsha revised and rewrote those books – and we named it   Student Centered Individualized Learning – SCIL.

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The Tutor’s Handbook for the SCIL Program the second edition of the SCIL book – originally titled the Right to Read, Tutor’s Handbook.  It is an update on the SCIL program – and fundamentally is a book exploring many street-proofed options to assist individuals and groups to learn more effectively.  It emerged from over eight decades of Frontier College experience collaborating with people on the margins to give them access to their own inherent talents – through giving access to education and learning – informally.  With changes in economics and jobs, approaches that had worked had to be adapted to these new circumstances.  The evolution was led by Dr. Marsha Forest when she was the Director of Education at Frontier.  Her teaching style and philosophy worked, and by collating the experiences of hundreds of tutors and thousands of students, a new ‘approach’ with modernized adaptations was created.  It maintained the same core values and provided both organizers, tutors and students with techniques that worked for them.  We called it Student Centered Individualized Learning – SCIL.  It worked in mining camps, logging camps, railway gangs, and with urban youth, street kids, ex-offenders, people with disabilities, immigrants, seniors and people we encountered everywhere and anywhere.  Two books emerged to share our learnings.


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