Contains these complete videos:

PATH in Action Training Video  (1998)
(65 min.)

PATH Training: Joe’s PATH   (1993)
(35 min.)

the PATH in Action Classical Bundle adds the Original PATH book

In DVD format, a menu allows you to move directly from segment to segment throughout both videos. Ideal for training and presentations. Easy access to the clip you need.PATH is a foundation tool that help anyone move into the future, effectively and creatively. This two-in-one training packet is used to provide support and instruction to people concerned with excellence and integrity in Person-Centered Planning processes.

These are excellent examples of a PATH with a group of school administrators, human service providers and families who want to create an inclusive school system. Marsha Forest and Jack Pearpoint go through each step of the process in detail. The two videos together will give the viewer a good glimpse into how PATH can be done with the focus on an individual or with a group. The PATH Workbook (PATH Classic) compliments the video.

School and Human Service systems who want to use PATH for building inclusive school and other community systems. Families. Advocacy groups.

Produced by Inclusion Press with Parashoot Productions


Add-ons total:



2 Videos:

PATH in Action (working with Groups)

PATH Training


the PATH in Action Classical Bundle adds the Original PATH book


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