Making Homes that Work



Making Homes that Work:  Planning, Design and Construction of Person-Centered Environments for Families Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder

John Rowell  and George Braddock have worked with thousands of families to ‘design and redesign’ homes that would be safe and secure for troubled family members.  Their creative genius has saved thousands of lives, the prevented incarceration by intelligent design.  Read this before you take drastic actions.


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making homes that work – chapter1

This book offers ways of assessing and planning environments that are person-centered, and that respect the diversity of family and individual situations. It identifies patterns of activity and interaction with the environment that are common to many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These are the basis for the “Six Common Modifications” recommended for many persons with complex disability issues to support them to live successfully in the home. Most of the issues that families face can be improved by completing one or more of these modifications.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 Why Housing Doesn’t Work
Chapter 2 Neighborhoods that Work
Chapter 3 Environmental Assessment + Action Plan
Step 1: Caregiver and Activity Checklist
Step 2: Involve the Individual
Step 3: Assess the Home
Step 4: Identify Common Modifications + Specific Challenges
Step 5: Make an Action Plan
Chapter 4 Six Most Common Home Modifications
Autism-Friendly Home
Connected Home
The Essential Bathroom
Walking Loop
Places of Control/Layers of Freedom
Tools for Housekeeping
Chapter 5 Specific Challenges
Self Injury + Seizures
Property Damage
Angry Neighbors
Chapter 6 Finding Help with Design + Construction
Chapter 7 Family Stories


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