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Marsha Forest, Judith Snow and a clutch of passionate family members struggling to create futures for their children began the Integration Action Group.  They supported each other, coached, learned and lobbied.  They were a nightmare for many government bureaucracies as they were clear, principled and relentless.  This little booklet captures some of the flavour and identifies some of the cast of pioneers.  Note the term Integration FACILITATORS – 1986.
The Integration Facilitators.Integration Action Group.1986

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This journey reflects the stories and ideas that we shared at the Integration Action Group pre-conference event of the CACL Annual Conference in Nov. 1986.  Our good friend, Doug Carton capsulized our vision of the day as the journey from “the world as it is” to  “the world as it should be.”.

We hope that you will use this booklet as a guide on your journey.  The struggles, visions, hopes and dreams shared here are those of our friends and neighbours who are making all communities a richer place to be.

We are deeply grateful to our good friend, Karin Melburg, whose gift of cartoon and writing caught the spirit of our message.

Bon voyage  – Until we meet again on the journey

Integration Action Group,  Montreal,, Nov. 6, 1986


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