Still Determined After all these Tears


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This is the remarkable autobiography of Regina Louise DeMarassé – a brilliant young student/musician/artist who developed a tumor on her spine that eliminated her sight and her mobility. Regina the advocate and artist never gave up. She led from the front – and from behind in struggles for full accessibility and equal rights – as well as her own survival escaping from a nursing home – and creating her own independent home in Connecticut.

With all these difficulties – it was a life lived to the full. Regina was a brilliant writer and speaker. She also experienced institutionalization, tragedy, personal struggles and triumphs. Her final struggle for life with dignity ended Aug. 31, 2004.

Now she is singing in her new life without constraints. Her example and spirit inspire all who remain.

Writing with flair, this beautiful journey will touch and illuminate your soul. If you want to know about Circles of support, read this book. If you have anything to do with Circles, supporting a person or thinking about long term community support, you need this book.


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