When People Care Enough to Act: ABCD



When People Care Enough to Act:  ABCD (Asset Based Community Development)

Mike Green and Henry Moore worked with John McKnight for years.  They were deeply committed to ABCD – Asset Based Community Development.  The question they encountered most often was  “What do I do Monday morning?”  This book  is their answer.  It is a great collaborative effort.


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When People Care Enough to Act:  ABCD (Asset Based Community Development)

Developed in response to the question “I love ABCD (Asset Based Community Development); “What do I do Monday Morning?”–and based on Mike Green & Henry Moore’s highly regarded work as ABCD organizers, consultants and trainers–-these materials support a practical approach to creating community collaborations that work. Enriching each other, the book and the DVD provide clear exposition of ABCD organizing principles and best practices, examples of ABCD organizing in action, learning exercises, worksheets, and reflections from experienced practitioners of ABCD organizing. 

Main topics include: ABCD Principles & Practice • Discovering What People Care About • Mobilizing A Community’s Assets • People & Programs: We Need Both • Leading By Stepping Back: The Role Of Governments & Agencies • Inclusion: There Is No One We Do Not Need • John McKnight’s Reflections On ABCD organizing. Lessons from Ashville NC; Marquette, MI; Laconia, NH; Savannah, GA; Ames, IO.

Forward by John McKnight

Also available as:    eBook and as part of the ABCD Action Pack

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