Person-Centered Planning with MAPS and PATH – A Workbook for Facilitators e-Book



We developed many training programs and events to teach the MAPS and PATH processes.  To support our efforts, we created ‘handouts’.  They grew, and over time,  this new book was developed as a collection of handouts for our courses.  Over time, it has become a workshop to assist facilitators in their learning and implementing of the PATH and MAPS processes.


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This book was developed over time as a collection of handouts for our three day course teaching MAPS and PATH. Due to popular demand, we have supplemented it and now it is a stand alone workbook to assist facilitators in their learning and implementing of PATH and MAPS processes.

It is excellent for training purposes, students, workshops – as well as an updated person centered planning resource.

This workbook does not replace the PATH manual, but does provide summary introductory information. It is an excellent addition to the resource collection which of course includes the PATH and MAPS training videos.

[PATH is a creative planning tool which starts in the future and works backwards to an outcome of first (beginning) steps that are possible and positive. It is excellent for team building. It has been used to mediate conflicts. It is loved by people who actually want to change the ways we currently work. Groups teaching PATH as a tool will hopefully have a copy for each student. PATH is not for the faint of heart. It is very results oriented.]

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