PATH Demonstration DVD

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Produced by Center for Ministry with Disabled People and School of Education University of Dayton. Narrated by Marilyn Bishop
(58:30 minutes)

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This is an excellent example of a PATH with a group of school administrators, human service providers and families who want to create an inclusive school system. The video was filmed during a workshop for professionals and families at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Marsha Forest and Jack Pearpoint go through each step of the process in detail. There is also an excellent commentary by Marilyn Bishop throughout the video. This is a marvelous compliment to the PATH Training Video. The two videos together will give the viewer a good glimpse into how PATH can be done with the focus on an individual or with a group. The PATH Workbook compliments the video.Audience
School and Human Service systems who want to use PATH for building inclusive school and other community systems. Families. Advocacy groups. Note – this is not a “training” tape, so the PATH Training Video should be seen to understand the steps in the process.


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