Golden Reflections


Most books are written by humans – but not this one… Vargus is Mike Yale’s seeing eye dog.  Vargus is wise, and Mike has the wit and wisdom to write from Vargus’s perspective – about the complexity and delight of training and living with humans.  A great read..




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golden reflections – excerpt

Vargus says..

“Do you have any idea how frustrating it is being on the wrong end of a leash with a hippie, for twelve years? What about living under the stoned hands and harsh rules in a dogtatorship? Read ‘em, bark and weep.” Vargus

You need to know that Vargus (the author) is a ‘seeing-eye dog”. Vargus led Mike through life for twelve years. Mike is simply the scribe for Vargus as we hear about life from this remarkable dog’s perspective.

Mike Yale was born in Hollywood California and schooled in Berkeley, which may explain it. He is undisciplined, creative and energetic, imbued with a social conscience and free spirit. This is Mike’s second book. No Dogs Allowed, his first, was an account of Mike’s adventures exploring in Europe before Guide Dogs were ‘allowed’.

He has written and spoken for 45 years about social justice for all marginalized people. He loves heavy metal music and believes himself to be part golden retriever.

CD format, read by Don Harron

Also available in printed format (ADD LINK LATER)


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