Community Lost and Found: A Conversation Between Two Dreamers


Dealing with drugs, addiction, mental health, abuse, street reality and all the associated complex behaviours.  Art and Michael share their stories and experiences that create windows into positive possibilities.




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Ideal as a text for Capacity Building and Community Development courses. Workbook format complete with practical exercises.

Arthur and Michael have decades of experience on the streets and with people who have been excluded. They have created sucessful programs for people who most say cannot succeed. This book is about their experiences – and how they did it – so you can do it. It is a guide with practical experience and lessons. If you are ‘organizing complex progreams for people labels difficult, or if you are wondering ‘what should I do?” – this is the book for you.

“As our organization engages students in positive social change, this book provides the background and the strategy we need to realize our vision.”
Dave Kranenburg, Meal Exchange


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