All My Life’s a Circle – new & expanded – eBook



All My Life’s a Circle
Using the Tools: Circles, MAPS and PATH

An introductory glimpse of the three (3) basic processes that assist you on the inclusion journey: Circles, MAPS and PATH. The additions were added in 2015 and the book has been reprinted again in 2020 (no further changes)

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All My Life’s a Circle:  Using the Tools: Circles, MAPS and PATH

This popular book captures the essence and spirit of three creative and exciting tools used by many schools and organizations that want to build innovative and quality education or human service systems that truly meet the needs of the people being served.

The book gives a glimpse of the three (3) processes: Circles, Maps and PATH, and outlines the key points for each. Stories and graphics illustrate the text and add depth to the tools described.

The New Expanded edition has four (4) articles by Marsha Forest and Jack Pearpoint, adding depth to the book. Reprinted in 2020.

This book has been translated into Portuguese, and  Spanish.

Also available in Print

All My Life’s a Circle – new & expanded


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