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Action for Inclusion is a classic book — originally written for schools and families — and decades later is still full of fresh insights.  It is short and jargon free. It describes the Circle of Friends and the MAPS (Making Action Plans) processes.


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This classic 55-page Inclusion Press best seller was decades ahead of its time. Frighteningly, it is still relevant and fresh. It is short and jargon free. It describes the Circle of Friends exercise, and the MAPS (Making Action Plans) process in detail. We strongly recommend it as a companion to the videos: With A Little Help From My Friends and the New MAPS Training Video (also classics from the early years — that remain vibrant decades later). This book is being used by school systems around the globe. It is perfect for conferences and courses. It is short and filled with actual tips on how to develop an action plan (MAP) for including any child at risk of exclusion. It is not limited to any one label, but applies to children at risk at any age. Although it focuses on elementary and middle school children, the process is transferable to high school students and adults. A perfect handout for large conferences or a text for courses.

Over 30,000 copies distributed — “A down to earth blueprint of what 21st century education should be doing for all kids in regular classrooms. Modest but powerful strategies for making it happen in a jargon-free, step-by-step book.”

This book is also available as part of the INCLUSION CLASSICS BOOK Bundle.

Mostly school personnel and parents of children in school.
L’Integration en Action: Maintenant disponible en Francais


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