101 Ways to Make Friends


Building Friendships… nothing is more fundamental to success and happiness in life.  Susan Stanfield and Aaron Johannes have gleaned stories about successful strategies that have worked for many of the individuals they have worked with.  Its a great book to get started on the vital journey to build relationships.


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This plain language and graphics text is being used in self-advocate groups, classrooms and by individuals and facilitators of various kinds. We recently ran into it in a Doctor’s office and a library in New Zealand, and to our surprise, the first edition sold out. This new edition is slightly revised (if you have the first one, you don’t need to get this unless you really, really like the red and orange cover… which we do). This collection of ideas is based on conversations with people with disabilities, their friends, families, neighbours and networks about what had been successful for them as they expanded and deepened their networks. We know a circle of friends ensures more safety, that people will be healthier and happier and that they and their communities will be more resilient. It’s now time to engage in the conversations about how to make sure it happens – and it turns out to be a conversation full of joy, success and great examples of leadership on all levels.

Susan Stanfield and Aaron Johannes are two of Spectrum Society’s Directors, as well as having enjoyed various roles in the support of folks with disabilities who have chosen to be part of their neighbourhoods. With over 50 years of experience they have worked with many families, people with gifts and challenges, and staff as leaders, consultants, workshop presenters and constant co-learners. Both have backgrounds in curriculum development for adult and special education and have talking to many groups of creative supporters from the top of the province to Nashville TN.

Second Edition      Illustrations by Aaron Johannes

“With research showing the power of networks and relationships, this little book is very timely. Not only does it capture the essence and importance of friendship, but it provides concrete strategies for people with disabilities, their families, and people who provide support.”

John Lord, Researcher and Author,
Pathways to Inclusion:
Building a New Story with People and their Communities


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