Scottish Human Services (SHS)

From 1993, Scottish Human Services developed and delivered remarkable training, evaluation and materials in support of inclusion. They took many of the ‘inclusion team’ learnings, adapted them to Scotland, and presented them in remarkable training events, consultations, and training packages. The founders of SHS were Pete Richie and Heather Anderson – along with a menage of talented and committed people. They ‘delivered the goods’ for over a decade.

Heather and Pete are now fully engaged in local Scottish politics and organic farming at Whitmuir Farms near the borders in Scotland. Their values have not changed – just the venues of delivery. On a recent visit, we inquired about the ‘location’ of the collected materials and wisdom gathered by the SHS teams over the decade. They produced boxes and discs – and a treasure trove of materials which are as beautiful and fresh as the day they were produced. Their attitude – if they are useful – we hope someone will use them. And so, a huge collection of remarkable training wisdom, honed in Scotland, founded on inclusive values – and now available once again. Dig deep. Enjoy.

SHS: Inclusion is a social change, not a service reform; ultimately, it is communities, not just individuals who benefit from inclusion. At SHS Trust we believe that becoming a more inclusive society requires big changes in the way our communities and social institutions work and that means we all need help to change our thinking and to develop new ways of working.

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