The BMX Model of Inclusion

Describing how Valuing Significant Differences can Lead to Greater Participation in Communities Everywhere

Judith Snow


Introduction Judith Snow, M.A. and her Research Associates are in on-going development of the BMX Model of Inclusion. This model describes distinct ways that people who are labelled “disabled” and other people who are marginalized are viewed and supported. The model also indicates what contributions excluded people are supported to make and what leads to greater range and value in their participation.

What is Inclusion? Inclusion is a state of a community where diversity of and amongindividuals in the community is recognized, encouraged and sustained. Inclusion can be enjoyed in many dimensions – ethnicity, life style, faith, etc.

The BMX Model of Inclusion BMX proposes that three distinct states of Inclusion co-exist. Neither is better than the other, but often there is an emergent pull to move from one state to another. We are calling these states B, M, and X: