A Short Story – Judith Snow

We are not from here. We are more like the people who are from here than they can imagine. But they find it difficult to see us as we are or to like us. We have chosen to live our lives among them. This is a dangerous choice. We made this choice because we love these people. They need us.

You must remember that it takes a long time for most of these people to see that you are alive and that you have a heart, and that you are trying to give something to them. Some of them will never see you as anything more than a puppet at best. You must find people who will see that you are alive. You must help them over and over again to keep on seeing that you are alive. If you do not help people to see that you are alive, you will fall asleep. The only life you will have is the life of a puppet filled with other people’s stories. They may grow tired of playing with you; they may break you; they may throw you away; they may destroy you.