Thoughts on Landmark

Judith Snow


From Correspondence with John McKnight

Currently, I am in the Introduction Leaders Program offered by Landmark Education Corporation in Toronto with four weekends in New York City. It Is intensive, intrusive and confronts me on several levels. One is the time demanded of us to fulfill the 3integrity2 of the program. Typically I spend 20 hours a week on Landmark work and often much more. Another confrontation
is the money, although to be truthful, I can see where Landmark isnit truly to blame for the fact that my income is down this year. There was no tuition for ILP but it costs a lot to go to New York, and I haven It focused enough
on generating income this year.

The truly interesting confrontation is quite personal. ILP promises to strip away everything which prevents me from being the leader I am capable of being. Early along these issues were things like making enough requests of others that I could get done the things I said I would do. Three quarters of the way through the program it looks very different. I am coming face-to-face with my anger, my putting myself down, my unwillingness to be a leader and my need for a crisis to overcome my general lack of energy and focus.