Judith Snow


We are exploring resilience, particularly in communities. I was looking again at the web site, I have “lifted” this article, for purposes of our discussions. I believe we could benefit from visiting this web site, and its links. I am open to designing a collaboration with these people, such as inviting them to our symposium. Judith

Strange Attractors, Paradigm shifts and Y2k By David La Chapelle

On Christmas night in 1642 a new born child was struggling for his life. In the sky above a comet could be seen and those who contemplated the heavens wondered what manner of catastrophe was predicted. The child, who was not expected to survive, went on to live past eighty and usher into the westernworld a fundamental shift In how the universe was perceived. The contributions he made laid the groundwork for a scientific-technological revolution which would change the face of the planet. Some might argue that this revolution has had a catastrophic environmental effect and so in a way the comet’s legacy has been fulfilled.